Industrial Air Heaters

We are quickly becoming one of the most successful businesses producing and delivering a high-quality selection of industrial air heaters. Compared to other comparable options on the market, these electric air heaters use less power and energy. They must use a fan or blower to move the air past a heating source in order to circulate it and regulate its temperature. BHT Type Air Heaters and Industrial Air Heaters are included in this category that we offer. These heaters function by absorbing thermal energy, which is then expelled from the system when temperatures are higher. They are commonly utilised for space heating in the household market as well as in HVAC systems for many different industries.


  • They are ideal to be used for calcining, melting and drying
  • Temperature differential in these heaters causes free-flowing convection cycle
  • They are highly appreciated for their low noise operation

Air Heaters

Air Heaters Supply Ability : 100 Piece Per Month These heaters can endure surface temperatures of up to 600°C because they are made of high temperature resistance stainless steel/incoloy tubes. Options for customer-specific fitment, such as adjustable mounting brackets, brass nipples, and flanges, are available. Customers can choose from a variety of shapes, including M-shaped and U-shaped options. Check out the premium Air Heaters we have to offer. They are made with stainless steel and cutting-edge techniques in a safe environment. These are able to withstand hot weather and harsh conditions. Additionally, the aforementioned devices are shock- and corrosion-resistant. The devices that are being offered can be used for laundry, air conditioning, baking chambers and ovens, industrial ovens, and furnaces, among other things.Air heaters are equipped with brass nipples, flanges, adjustable mounting brackets, and other features. These come in a variety of shapes, including U and M. Additionally, the aforementioned devices are also suitable in the fields of HVAC, oil & gas, thermal treatments, maritime, and hospitality. These have good performance efficiency and thermal connectivity. accessible in a variety of materials, including quartz, copper, inconel tube, etc. Application Baking chambers and ovens Air conditioning Laundry Air heating Load Banks Furnace Industrial ovens Industries Hvac Furnace Heating Heat Treatments Coating Hospitality Oil And Gas Power Marine Product Specification Material SS Diameters .260 to .490 inches Heating Material Nickel Chrome Sheath Temperatures 1500F Features: Superior performance Available in S.S. and Inconel High thermal connectivity Specifications: Electric Air Heater is available in Copper, SS204, SS316, SS321, Inconel tube, Quartz silica tube Available with Flange, screw, caps, plugs Tubular Heating Elements with Teflon Sleeve is available for heating corrosive Chemicals

M Type Air Heater

M Type Air Heater By producing and delivering the highest quality M Type Air Heater, which is used in industrial sectors, our company has had tremendous success. It is easily adaptable to many sizes, forms, and features. This product offers many advantages, including a smooth finish, rigidity, and a longer lifespan. Additionally, the M Type Air Heater guarantees low maintenance requirements, high performance efficiency, and anti-abrasive properties. Its installation is simple and it has a nice appearance. Our product is very dependable and effective. This product is easy to use and safe to use. It offers protection from both damage and corrosion. A typical term used to describe a particular kind of air heating element used in industrial applications is "M Type Air Heater". It is difficult to provide precise information on the "M Type" designation, though, without more context or specific information. Industrial air heaters come in a variety of designs, each with unique features and uses. I would be pleased to help you further and provide more detailed information based on the context you can provide regarding the "M Type Air Heater," such as the exact industry, purpose, or any other pertinent data.   Product Specification Voltage 110V-240V Size As per Requirement Usage/Application Industrial Warranty yes Length As per requirement Wattage As per requirement Features: Wide application area Smooth finishing Rigidness Voltage: 110V-240V Diameter: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm SEND INQUIRY Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject Your Message (required) - Please include product name, order quantity, usage, special requests if any in your inquiry.

U Type Air Heater

U Type Air Heater We offer superior quality U Type Air Heaters in a range of styles, dimensions, and functions. Modern technologies and chrome nickel steel are typically used in its construction. The aforementioned item is examined on a number of criteria to guarantee both its quality and longevity. The surface of the U Type Air Heater we offer has insulating powder coating, making it safe to use. Additionally, it offers better heat transmission, comes with heavy-duty brass terminals and adjustable brackets, among other features. The provided item also features a distinctive design that is appealing and fashionable. A U-type air heater, also known as a U-shaped air heater, is a specific configuration of a heating element used to heat air or gases in industrial and commercial applications. It is designed in the shape of a "U" to allow for efficient heating and easy installation. Here are some key features and characteristics of U-type air heaters: Construction: A resistive heating element, such as nichrome or kanthal wire, that has been configured into a U shape commonly makes up U-type air heaters. Typically, a metal sheath made of stainless steel or incoloy offers mechanical and electrical insulation around the heating element. Effective Heat Transfer: The air heater's U-shape design provides a substantial surface area for efficient heat transfer. Air or gases can move through the U's centre thanks to the design, increasing contact with the heating element and improving heat transfer efficiency. Flexible Mounting Options: Depending on the exact application and installation requirements, U-type air heaters can be mounted in a variety of orientations, including horizontal, vertical, or at an angle. Construction: A resistive heating element, such as nichrome or kanthal wire, that has been configured into a U shape commonly makes up U-type air heaters. Typically, a metal sheath made...

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Bth Type Air Heater

Bth Type Air Heater Supply Ability : 100 Piece Per Month We provide BTH Type Air Heaters for incredibly efficient heating. This heater is popular in the market because it has consistent temperature control, no leakage problems, ease of use, a low cost, little maintenance, and other benefits. Heat is radiated into the flowing liquids or air to make it work. The heater is constructed using high-end materials and cutting-edge technologies. Our skilled workforce and well-equipped manufacturing facility serve as a pillar to support us in providing premium BTH Type Air Heater Heater.   Features: Available in different sizes Precise design Quality assured

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