Strip Heaters

Strip Heaters

Strip Elements Heaters are the high-end heaters that we are selling. This heater effectively transfers heat while controlling the mechanical thermostat and heating control panel. Due to the temperature controller’s adaptability, heater installation is flexible and simple. This is regarded for its best performance and ease of use. The heater’s durable construction guarantees a long operating life. Our Strip Elements Heaters are built affordably and under the direction of industry professionals.

Strip heaters are a common form of electric heating element for heating surfaces or items in commercial and industrial settings. They are made out of a protective sheath surrounding a flat, rectangular resistance heating element. Strip heaters are adaptable and can be created to fit certain heating needs.

Here are some essential qualities and traits of strip heaters:

  • Construction: Strip heaters normally consist of a resistive heating element, which is typically wrapped in a stainless steel or nickel-chromium (nichrome) wire. The heating element is protected and given electrical insulation by the sheath.
  • Compact Design: Strip heaters have an extended, flat shape that makes it simple to install and place them in confined locations or on the surface of an object that has to be heated.
  • Even Heat Distribution: The entire length of a strip heater is intended to be evenly heated. This makes sure that the heated surface or object is heated uniformly.
  • Options for Customization: Strip heaters can be modified to fulfil individual heating needs. To fit a variety of applications, they can be produced in various lengths, widths, wattages, and voltage ratings. For simple connection, terminal choices like screw terminals or lead wires can be offered.
  • Temperature Control: Strip heaters can be used in conjunction with temperature controllers or thermostats to precisely adjust the desired temperature.
  • Applications: Strip heaters are frequently used in applications that call for surface heating, including drying ovens, packaging machinery, sealing devices, food processing equipment, and many more. They have the ability to heat surfaces, dies, moulds, and other industrial machinery.
  • Strip heaters can be installed in a number of ways, such as clamping, bolting, or welding, depending on the situation.

To provide safe and effective heating, strip heaters must be installed, used, and maintained properly. It is very important to install and use the product according to the manufacturer’s instructions and safety regulations.

In general, strip heaters offer effective and dependable heating solutions for a variety of industrial and commercial applications that call for localised or surface heating.


Product Specification


Phase Single Phase
Maximum Sheath Temperature Upto 550 deg C
Heater Material Nickel Plated Steel
Power 300-500 W
Voltage 220V


  • High operating temperature
  • Energy efficient
  • Clamp-on installation


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