Ceramic Heaters

For the manufacture and delivery of an elite assortment of Ceramic Heaters, we have established a reputable niche in the market. They are created by attaching a heating pad to a steel alloy enclosure with edges and ceramic fibre insulation. When voltage is given to these heaters, their semi-conductive substance causes the power to swiftly diminish after they reach a certain temperature. The heaters’ elements come into touch with the aluminium fins, heating them up as a result. The most typical use for them is to heat a small room or workplace.

A type of heating element called a ceramic band heater is used in industrial settings to evenly heat cylindrical things like pipes, nozzles, and barrels. They are constructed comprised of a ceramic insulation that surrounds a resistance wire heating element and a metal sheath that covers the insulation to shield it from the elements and provide mechanical support.

The high-temperature ceramic used to create the ceramic insulation can resist temperatures as high as 1800°F (982°C). It has great insulation qualities, which cut down on heat loss and increase heating efficiency. Nickel-chromium resistance wire that has been coiled and placed in ceramic insulation serves as the heating element.

Ceramic band heaters can be specially made to match certain applications and come in a variety of sizes and power levels. They are frequently used in the plastics sector to heat injection moulding machines, extruders, and blow moulding machines. They can be used for both cooling and heating applications. They are also used in the food industry to heat processing equipment and in the packaging business to heat sealing jaws.


  • They are known to increase their resistance sharply at crystalline component’s curie temperatures
  • These are known to provide maximum flexibility for easy installation
  • They are greatly admired for their energy efficient nature

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Ceramic Round Heater Our ceramic round heaters manufacturer primarily serves businesses that need high temperatures for extended periods of time. This is used to convey heat via radiation and conduction. Because exact ceramic tiles were used, it is uniformly constructed with precise lengths and widths. This product's engineering required the use of components that were acquired from reliable suppliers. Our Ceramic Round Heaters are robustly constructed with the ability to provide good performance for a longer period of time. Product Specification Voltage 230 Volt Size All Sizes Available Heater Material SS Power(Watts) 800 KW Minimum Order Quantity 3 Piece   Features: Robust construction Optimum performance Highly durable SEND INQUIRY Your Name (required) Your Email (required) Subject Your Message (required) - Please include product name, order quantity, usage, special requests if any in your inquiry.

Ceramic Band Heater Manufacturer at Best Price in India

Ceramic Band Heater Ceramic band heaters are used to generate heat from electrical energy. While the electric current is flowing through the element, resistance is encountered, which causes the element to heat up. With the most up-to-date technologies and premium materials, this item is built to last. Our strong production facility, which is run by professionals, is the foundation for the high-quality products we provide. The Ceramic Band Heater is incredibly durable, easy to use, requires little maintenance, and performs well. A type of heating element called a ceramic band heater is frequently used in industrial applications to heat cylindrical surfaces like pipes, barrels, and other similar machinery. It comprises of a heating coil that is encased in ceramic insulation material and then housed in a metal housing. Excellent thermal insulation capabilities are provided by the ceramic insulation material used in band heaters, allowing for effective heat transfer to the heated surface while minimising heat loss to the surroundings. Electrical insulation between the heating element and the item being heated is provided by this insulation, which also aids in preventing electrical leakage. Stainless steel or other high-temperature alloys are frequently used to create the metal sheath or housing of ceramic band heaters. This outer layer shields the equipment from mechanical damage and aids in transmitting heat from the heating element to the surface. For use in a range of industrial applications, ceramic band warmers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and power ratings. They are frequently utilised in sectors like packaging, extrusion, injection moulding, and plastics processing. These heaters can be specially made to fit the equipment's precise diameter and length. Ceramic band heaters' capacity to withstand high temperatures is one of their benefits. They are excellent for difficult industrial operations because they can tolerate high operating temperatures, which...

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Jacketed Ceramic Heaters

Jacketed Ceramic Heaters High-quality Jacketed Ceramic Heaters are available at Heating Devices. These are employed to heat cylinders in a variety of processing machinery. The aforementioned equipment can also be found in commercial and industrial sectors. Because of their distinctive features, stylish designs, and prolonged service life, our goods are well-liked. These are renowned for requiring little upkeep and using less energy.Jacketed Ceramic Heaters come in a wide range of specifications, designs, sizes, and shapes. These are protected from shock, rust, and corrosion and are insulated. The devices indicated above are also well-built, have simple functionality, and work well. The usual sizes consist of 20 different diameters, ranging from 6.0 mm to 25 mm, and lengths between 40 mm and 500 mm.  The heating power of these cartridge heaters ranges between 100 and 4000 watts. A common form of industrial heater for uses requiring high-temperature heating of cylindrical things like pipes, barrels, and other machinery is the jacketed ceramic heater, also known as the ceramic band heater. These heaters are made of a ceramic core that contains the heating element and a metal jacket that shields it. The following are some essential qualities and traits of jacketed ceramic heaters: Construction: A heating element, often constructed of resistance wire, is housed in the ceramic core of the heater. A metal jacket, commonly made of stainless steel, is placed over this core to protect it and improve heat transfer. Jacketed ceramic heaters are capable of operating at high temperatures, which can frequently reach 1200°C (2192°F). They are appropriate for uses that demand a strong, even distribution of heat. High thermal conductivity of the ceramic material employed in these heaters allows for effective heat transfer from the heating element to the thing being heated. The metal jacket provides protection from the outside environment...

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