Band Heaters

We specialise in providing band heaters. These are mostly employed to warm cylinder surfaces. They come in a variety of designs to accommodate diverse operating situations. These tools are mostly used in autoclaves, drum heaters, food service warming pots, plastic extruders, and vending machines, among other places. They are made with the aid of cutting-edge technologies from premium components. Each product is thoroughly inspected by the quality assurance team in accordance with industry standards. The well-equipped processing facility is run by competent personnel. Our band heaters are dependable, durable, long-lasting, and extremely efficient.

Heat Proof Mica Band Heaters

Heat Proof Mica Band Heaters Electric heaters of this type, sometimes referred to as mica strip heaters or heat proof mica band heaters, are frequently employed in situations that call for high temperatures and precise heat management. They are made to wrap around cylinders or flat surfaces, transferring heat effectively and uniformly. A mica band heater's basic parts are a resistance wire, insulating material (often mica), and a covering. The following are some salient qualities and advantages of heat-proof mica band heaters: Mica band heaters have the potential to reach high temperatures, making them suited for situations that call for more intense heat. Depending on the precise design and materials used, they can normally function in temperature ranges of 200°C to 800°C (392°F to 1472°F) or even higher. Heat is distributed uniformly across the surface being heated thanks to the mica insulation employed in these heaters. As a result, hot spots are reduced and efficient heat transfer is ensured throughout the application. Mica band heaters offer good thermal conductivity, which enables them to heat up quickly and react swiftly to changes in temperature settings. They are therefore perfect for procedures that call for rapid heating cycles and accurate temperature control. Mica band warmers can be designed and customised to fit a variety of applications. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations. They can be made to order to fit particular lengths and diameters, fitting a variety of cylindrical or flat surfaces. Longevity and Durability: Mica band heaters' protective sheaths are often composed of stainless steel or other heat-resistant alloys, which offer longevity and corrosion resistance. Because of this, even in harsh industrial applications, a longer service life is guaranteed. Mica band heaters are frequently used in extruders, blow moulding machinery, plastic injection moulding machines, and other industrial...

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Mica Band Heater

Mica Band Heater Mica Band Heater is used for precisely moulding and treating plastic products. When a temperature of 300 °C is required, this is utilised. Additionally, it helps sectors of the economy that do not employ cutting-edge technology. This heater is suitable for the straightforward production of plastic goods. This heater has a solid design, straightforward operation, long lifespan, and ease of installation. Our Mica Band Heater is reasonably priced and guaranteed to perform to its full potential. A particular kind of industrial heating element called a mica band heater is frequently used to heat cylindrical things like pipelines, barrels, and containers. It comprises of a heating coil wrapped around a metal sheath that has a mica insulating layer. Mica band heaters are renowned for their accurate temperature control and effective heat transfer. The following are some essential qualities and traits of mica band heaters: Construction: A metal sheath, often made of stainless steel, surrounds a heating coil in the mica band heater. Mica sheets that serve as electrical insulation and improve heat transfer efficiency are used to insulate the coil. Mica Insulation: Mica has great thermal conductivity and is a high-temperature electrical insulator. While providing electrical insulation, the mica insulation layer enables effective heat conduction from the heating coil to the thing being heated. Mica band heaters frequently have integrated temperature control components, such as thermostats or thermocouples, to maintain precise and reliable temperature settings. Simple Installation and Removal: These heaters frequently come with clamps or other mounting systems that make it simple to install and remove them from the intended item. When repair or replacement is required, this makes it easier. Design Flexibility: Mica band warmers can be made to fit particular target object diameters and lengths. To satisfy certain heating needs, they can also be constructed...

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