Cartridge Heaters

Heating elements known as cartridge heaters are frequently employed in industrial applications to deliver focused heat. They are constructed up of a heating element inside a cylindrical metal tube or cartridge that is often made of stainless steel. A coil of high-resistance wire, such as nichrome, or ceramic insulators are frequently used as the heating element.

In order to transfer heat directly, cartridge heaters are made to be inserted into a hole or hollow in a solid material, such metal or plastic. They are frequently employed in operations like plastic injection moulding, hot runner systems, packaging machinery, and numerous heating applications where precise and controlled heating is necessary.


  • Construction: Metal sheaths are typically used to encase cartridge heaters, which offers mechanical protection and improves heat transfer. Although brass or incoloy can also be used, stainless steel is the most common material used for the sheath. To ensure effective heat transfer, the heating element is securely coiled inside the cartridge.
  • Cartridge heaters are available in a range of power and voltage levels to meet the needs of varied applications. The voltage rating ranges from low voltages (like 12V) to higher voltages (like 240V), while the power rating is commonly expressed in watts. It’s crucial to choose a cartridge heater that adheres to the specifications of your particular application.
  • Temperature Range: Depending on the materials used in their construction, cartridge heaters can typically run at high temperatures. Depending on the design and application requirements, they have a temperature range from a few hundred degrees Celsius to over a thousand degrees Celsius.
  • Options for Mounting: Screw-in holes, flanges, or clamping mechanisms are just a few of the mounting options available for cartridge heaters. The mounting method is determined by the particular application and the need for quick installation and removal.
  • Cartridge heaters can be controlled with thermostats or temperature controllers to maintain precise temperature settings. To avoid overheating or damage in the event of any failures, it’s crucial to include safety measures such as fuses, temperature limiters, or thermal cut-off devices.

Cartridge heaters offer accurate and effective heating, which is one of their benefits. For many industrial operations, it is crucial that they be able to maintain a constant temperature and produce even heat dispersion. Without requiring external controllers or power sources, they are extremely simple to install and maintain.

For a variety of industrial and commercial applications, cartridge heaters provide an efficient and dependable heating option.

Split Type Cartridge Heater

Split Type Cartridge Heater Offering Split Type Cartridge Heaters is what we do. It is used in a variety of industrial applications. This heater is mostly used in dies, moulds, sealing bars, and other items. This heater is dependable and provides high temperatures for precisely heating solids. This is made with premium materials under the supervision of professionals for effective heat emissions. This robust heater was built using the most recent technologies available. Our Split Type Cartridge Heater is renowned for its effective operation, high level of durability, and minimal maintenance requirements. For the purpose of heating solids, liquids, or gases, split-type cartridge heaters are a particular kind of heating element. They are made in a cylindrical shape to offer focused, localised warmth. Here are some key features and characteristics of split-type cartridge heaters: Split-type cartridge heaters have an embedded heating element inside a cylindrical metal tube, which is often constructed of stainless steel. A high-resistance wire, such nichrome, is generally twisted around a ceramic core to serve as the heating element. The term "split" refers to an expansion and installation-friendly longitudinal cut or groove made along the length of the heater. Simple Installation and Replacement: The split design makes it simple to install or replace a cartridge heater in machinery or equipment without having to disassemble it first. The heater is appropriate for uses including plastic injection moulding, hot runner systems, packaging equipment, and more since it may be positioned around cylindrical objects or inserted into bores or holes. Split-type cartridge heaters are capable of functioning at high operating temperatures, typically between 600 and 1200 degrees Celsius (1112 and 2192 degrees Fahrenheit). The sheath is made of stainless steel, which has good durability and thermal conductivity. Fast Heat Transfer: Split-type cartridge heaters' small design enables efficient and quick heat...

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Cartridge Heaters India

Cartridge Heaters A typical form of heating element used in industrial and commercial heating applications are cartridge heaters. They have a cylindrical shape and are often put into a hole or bore in a solid material to heat a specific area. A heating coil or resistance wire that is encased in a metal sheath or cartridge makes up a cartridge heater. Stainless steel, which offers good resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, is typically used to make cartridges. Cartridge heaters are suitable for a variety of heating applications since they come in a wide range of sizes and power levels. They are frequently used in plastic processing, food processing, packaging, and laboratory equipment and can be used to heat liquids, gases, and solids. They're also employed. Type Other Material Stainless Steel Insulation Material MGO Voltage 24 TO 440 Volt (v) Shape 6MM TO 40MM Power Source AC Power 50W TO 5000W Watt (w) Supply Ability : 100 Piece Per Month Product Specifications Material Stainless Steel Voltage 24 TO 440 Volt (v) Power Source AC Input Voltage 24 TO 440 Volt (V) Type Other Power 50W TO 5000W Watt (w) Output Voltage AS PER REQUIRMENT Ampere (A) Dimension(L*W*H) AS PER REQUIRMENT Millimeter (mm) Installation Type Other Shape 6MM TO 40MM Insulation Material MGO Cartridge Heaters Cartridge Heaters are extensively used for heat sealing, hot stamping, labeling and packaging purpose. High density version of these heaters is required in die and mold making industries. Magnesium oxide powder made body of these heaters consist of 316/304 grade stainless steel sheath, high temperature proof lead, nickel chromium resistance wire and ceramic cap. These versatile heaters act as reliable heat conduction medium for metal die, block and plate. These heating solutions can be used under vacuum prone working condition as per industry specified norms. Usually silicon coated high temperature proof fiberglass wire is used as their lead wire. J or K type thermocouple of...

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High Density Cartridge Heater

High Density Cartridge Heater Manufacturer in Ghaziabad India High-Density Cartridge Heater used in heavy engineering applications and processes demand the presence of “heating” for their successful completion. Product SKU: hdch01 Product Brand: Heating Devices Product Currency: INR Product Price: 2000 Price Valid Until: 2022-02-01 Product In-Stock: 1 Editor's Rating: 5

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