Coil Type Heaters

Coil Type Heaters offer a wide range of applications in numerous sectors based on its design and heating mechanism. These heaters are utilised for nozzle heating in injection moulding units. These heating solutions are employed in packaging plants to warm up cutting bars and manifolds. We provide these heaters with a variety of heating ring height, power, and voltage level options. Lead or nickel-chrome-plated wire with a fixed length is used in coil type heaters. These can be accessed with or without a thermocouple of the K or K type. These heaters’ annealed surfaces aid in increasing their malleability. These coil-type heating elements operate at a given temperature both continuously and intermittently. The most important characteristics of these heating solutions are their excellent heating performance and common safety features.

The tremendous heat output and quick response times of coil type heaters are well recognised. They can quickly attain high temperatures and deliver even heating across the coil. The coil may be integrated into a variety of heating systems and pieces of equipment due to its small size and versatility.

These heaters are frequently used in industrial operations like extrusion, hot stamping, food processing, plastic moulding, packaging machines, and many more activities. They can also be found in home equipment including electric stoves, ovens, and hair dryers.

Depending on the needs of the application, a coil type heater’s design and characteristics can change. To guarantee effective heat transfer, electrical safety, and durability, factors including coil diameter, length, wire gauge, and insulation material are taken into account.

Despite the fact that coil type heaters are frequently utilised, alternative electric heating elements such tubular heaters, cartridge heaters, and ceramic heaters are also an option. Based on elements like temperature range, watt density, and physical limitations, each type has unique characteristics and is ideal for particular applications.

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Coil Type Heater We are providing Coil Heaters Manufacturer to our esteemed clients. This is created with a tightly wound tube for heat conductivity. For greater performance, it has an exterior lathing section that insulates it thermally. This is primarily intended to reduce downtime for moulds. It has a unique cover that allows for simple fitting in the circular section. Under the direction of professionals, the heater is built using the most recent technology. Each Coil Heater is rigorously tested by our staff in accordance with industry standards. Coil heaters are a crucial component of numerous precise heating solutions. There are low density and high density versions of this heater available. Equipment for packing, blow and injection moulding, and hot rubber manifolds all contain this substance. This painstakingly designed coil-shaped heater is made out of a black fibreglass, braided metal, or silicon rubber sheath, a K or J type thermocouple, and a connector in either black or silver. This heater's pure MgO insulation provides outstanding thermal conductivity. This heater's annealed structure guarantees trouble-free bending to maintain the accuracy of its shape. This heater requires little maintenance and uses less power. We are a renowned supplier and producer of premium coil heaters. An electric heating element with a coiled wire or heating coil is referred to as a coil type heater. It is frequently utilised in a variety of settings where regulated heating is necessary, including industrial operations, appliances, and lab equipment. A coil type heater's heating coil is often constructed of electrically resistant wire, such as nichrome or Kanthal. Due to the wire's resistance, heat is produced when an electric current flows through the coil. To maximise the surface area and allow effective heat transfer, the coil is often coiled tightly. Type Other Material Stainless Steel Voltage 110 TO 440 Volt (v) Power 500...

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Oil Heater Available in medium, low, and high watt density based specifications, high performance COIL heaters are available. These heating systems are available in bespoke lengths and are constructed from the highest quality incoloy 800, iron, or stainless steel. This product's power range can be modified to suit the requirements of the application. This heater's structure, a cylindrical tube made of stainless steel, is completely rust proof. The heating wire of this product is wrapped around the ceramic core. The provided heater has several uses in the fields of electronics, chemical processing, manufacturing of medical devices, and nuclear power generation. The major characteristics of this heater include low maintenance costs, great strength, precise diameter, extended working lives, and a reasonable pricing. We are a trustworthy provider and producer of premium COIL Heaters. Here are some key features and characteristics of coil heaters: An electric heating element known as a coil heater is made out of a heating coil or resistance wire that has been wound tightly around itself for protection. In a variety of industrial and commercial applications, the coil heater is intended to deliver localised heating. Construction: Nickel-chromium (NiCr) or FeCrAl resistance wire is commonly coiled into a tight coil to form coil heaters. The coil is then encased in a safety sheath constructed out of materials like brass, stainless steel, or incoloy. The sheath helps heat transfer to the target object and shields the heating coil from outside effects and electrical interference. Flexibility: Coil heaters are offered in a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations to accommodate a range of applications. They can be specially made to fit particular pieces of machinery or procedures, such as barrel heating, hot runner systems, sealing, plastic injection moulding, packing equipment, and more. Rapid Heating: Because the heating coil makes direct contact...

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Coil Nozzle Heater

Coil Nozzle Heater A particular kind of heating element called a coil nozzle heater is made for heating cylindrical pipes or nozzles in industrial applications. It is frequently employed in processes requiring the heating of cylindrical objects, such as plastic injection moulding, blow moulding, extrusion, and other operations. A high-resistance heating wire twisted tightly into a coil and covered in a sheath made of stainless steel or other suitable materials makes up the coil nozzle heater. When energised, the coil is intended to evenly distribute heat down the length of the nozzle. Construction: To ensure longevity and resilience to severe situations, coil nozzle heaters are normally built with high-quality materials. Any electrical contact with the nozzle is avoided thanks to the insulation between the heating coil and the sheath. Heating Capacity: Coil nozzle heaters have the ability to reach high temperatures in order to satisfy the particular needs of the application. To achieve maximum performance and productivity, they can offer accurate and reliable heating. Fast Heat-Up and Cool-Down: The short heat-up and cool-down intervals of these heaters enable effective operation and minimise production downtime. Simple Installation: To meet varied nozzle diameters and lengths, coil nozzle warmers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. They are often made to be simple to install and remove, enabling maintenance and replacement as needed. Temperature Control: To maintain precise and stable temperatures during the heating process, coil nozzle heaters can be fitted with integrated or external temperature control devices, such as thermocouples and controllers. Coil nozzle heaters are versatile in that multiple power ratings, voltages, lengths, and mounting options can be added to satisfy particular needs. Due to their adaptability, they are compatible with a variety of nozzle kinds and sizes. In order to ensure appropriate installation, operation, and maintenance when utilising...

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