Aluminium Cast In Heater

Aluminium Cast In Heater

A form of electric heating element utilised in several industrial applications is an aluminium cast-in heater, sometimes referred to as an aluminium cast-in heating element. It consists of a heating element that is either cast into or inserted into an aluminium alloy body that serves as both a structural support and a heat conductor.

Aluminium cast-in heaters have the following significant qualities and advantages:

High thermal conductivity: The ability to efficiently transfer heat from the heating element to the surrounding medium or target material is made possible by aluminum’s outstanding thermal conductivity.

Consistent and accurate temperature control is made possible by the cast-in heater’s construction, which guarantees uniform heat distribution across the whole surface area.

Durability: Cast-in heaters made of aluminium have a strong construction and can endure high temperatures and mechanical strain. They are appropriate for uses that call for resistance to corrosion, vibration, and impact.

Cast-in heaters offer quick heat-up and reaction times since the heating element makes direct contact with the aluminium body, allowing for productive and efficient operation.

Versatility: Aluminium cast-in heaters can be made to order in a variety of sizes, shapes, wattages, and mounting configurations to satisfy unique requirements. They are extensively utilised in a variety of industrial processes and applications, including plastic injection moulding, extrusion techniques, food processing, packaging machinery, and others.

Energy efficiency: High thermal conductivity and even heat distribution work together to reduce the amount of energy needed to reach and maintain the specified temperature.

Operating temperature, voltage, watt density, physical dimensions, and the unique application requirements must all be taken into account when choosing an aluminium cast-in heater. To make sure the heater satisfies your particular requirements, it is advised to get advice from a competent heating element manufacturer or supplier.

Product Specification


Heater Type Industrial Fan Heater
Heating Source Hot Water
Shape Rectangular
Heater Material Aluminum
Power Source Electric
Is It Customized Customized
Advantage High operating temperatures
Type Band Heater
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