Brass Casting Heaters

Brass Casting Heaters

We are working hard to provide top-notch Brass Casting Heaters. This was created with brass alloy of the highest grade, bought from reliable vendors. It provides outstanding resistance control and thermal conductivity. This instrument’s great efficiency is ensured by the moulding production technique. This heater is renowned for evenly distributing heat. It is primarily utilised in further heat treatments and other things. Our Brass Casting Heaters are praised for their precise temperature control and long service lives.

Product Specification


Material Brass
Max Temperature Aluminum alloy – 375 deg C,Brass alloy – 650 deg C
Max Watt Density Aluminum alloy – 35 w/sq in on heater elements,Brass alloy – 45 w/sq in on heater elements.
Technique Casting


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