Industrial Heater

Industrial Heater

We are an Uttar Pradesh-based company that was founded in 2003 and has been providing Industrial Heater to our esteemed clients ever since. It is mostly employed to heat gases and liquids during industrial processes. Because of its versatility, the heater is made to be able to satisfy the needs of the majority of applications. The Industrial Heater that is being supplied is made using the best quality materials and in accordance with regional and national requirements.

A heater used in large-scale industrial settings is called an industrial heater. These heaters are often more potent and durable than heaters used in homes or businesses since they are made to satisfy the high heat demands of industrial processes.

Industrial heaters are available in a variety of designs, each suited for a particular use. Here are a few typical examples:

  1. Electric heaters: Electric industrial heaters generate heat using electricity. They provide accurate temperature control, are simple to install, and need little maintenance. In fields like food processing, labs, and clean rooms where open flames or exhaust emissions are undesirable, electric heaters are frequently employed.
  2. Gas-Fired Heaters: To produce heat, gas-fired industrial heaters utilise propane, natural gas, or other fuels. They are effective and able to produce a lot of heat. In industrial settings that demand quick heating, such warehouses, factories, and construction sites, gas-fired heaters are frequently employed.
  3. Steam Heaters: Steam is used as a heating medium in steam heaters. To distribute heat, steam is produced in a boiler and moved through a system of pipes. These heaters are frequently used in industries like chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture that need for accurate and consistent heating.
  4. Industrial infrared heaters emit infrared radiation, which warms surfaces or objects directly rather than the air around them. They are helpful for specialised heating tasks like curing materials, thawing frozen pipes, or drying paint or coatings.

In order to handle the demanding circumstances and heavy use found in industrial locations, industrial heaters are often built with safety precautions. Strong enclosures, temperature controls, flame detection systems, automated shut-off mechanisms, and other safety precautions may be among them.

When choosing an industrial heater, considerations including the required heat output, energy efficiency, running costs, installation needs, available space, and industry-specific specifications should be taken into account. In order to ensure safety and compliance, local laws and regulations must be followed when installing and running industrial heating systems.


  • Heating is done evenly and quickly
  • Creates very low noise
  • Needs little or no maintenance

Product Specification


Voltage 480V
Heater Material SS/Copper
Power(Watts) 3KW
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