Jacketed Ceramic Heaters

Jacketed Ceramic Heaters

High-quality Jacketed Ceramic Heaters are available at Heating Devices. These are employed to heat cylinders in a variety of processing machinery. The aforementioned equipment can also be found in commercial and industrial sectors. Because of their distinctive features, stylish designs, and prolonged service life, our goods are well-liked. These are renowned for requiring little upkeep and using less energy.Jacketed Ceramic Heaters come in a wide range of specifications, designs, sizes, and shapes. These are protected from shock, rust, and corrosion and are insulated. The devices indicated above are also well-built, have simple functionality, and work well.

The usual sizes consist of 20 different diameters, ranging from 6.0 mm to 25 mm, and lengths between 40 mm and 500 mm.  The heating power of these cartridge heaters ranges between 100 and 4000 watts.

A common form of industrial heater for uses requiring high-temperature heating of cylindrical things like pipes, barrels, and other machinery is the jacketed ceramic heater, also known as the ceramic band heater. These heaters are made of a ceramic core that contains the heating element and a metal jacket that shields it.

The following are some essential qualities and traits of jacketed ceramic heaters:

  • Construction: A heating element, often constructed of resistance wire, is housed in the ceramic core of the heater. A metal jacket, commonly made of stainless steel, is placed over this core to protect it and improve heat transfer.
  • Jacketed ceramic heaters are capable of operating at high temperatures, which can frequently reach 1200°C (2192°F). They are appropriate for uses that demand a strong, even distribution of heat.
  • High thermal conductivity of the ceramic material employed in these heaters allows for effective heat transfer from the heating element to the thing being heated. The metal jacket provides protection from the outside environment and improves heat dispersion.
  • Design Flexibility: Jacketed ceramic heaters can be made to meet a target object’s precise diameter and length needs. To provide the best heating performance, they can be produced in a variety of sizes and watt densities.
  • Simple Installation and Removal: These heaters frequently come equipped with clamps, bolts, or other mounting components that make them simple to mount to and remove from the intended item. This enables prompt upkeep or replacement as necessary.
  • Even Heating: The construction of jacketed ceramic heaters ensures even heating of the heated object’s circle. This guarantees a constant temperature throughout the heating process and helps prevent hot areas.

The food and beverage sector, as well as the processing of plastics, extrusion, and moulding, all use jacketed ceramic heaters. They provide dependable and efficient heat transfer for increased productivity and product quality, making them well-suited for heating procedures that involve cylindrical objects.

  • Supply Ability : 100 Piece Per Month


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