Nozzle Heaters

Nozzle Heaters

We provide Nozzle Heaters for use in plastics manufacturing processes. These are durable tabular heaters that can withstand high temperatures. It is designed using the most recent technologies and top-quality components under the supervision of a highly skilled crew. The machinery has a sturdy design and a small footprint. It is simple to use, install, and, most importantly, maintain. The many applications that call for high temperature, high performance, and large load capacities can use the nozzle heaters we provide.

In a variety of industrial applications, heaters for nozzles or nozzle assemblies are employed. They are frequently utilised in the plastics sector, notably in 3D printers and injection moulding equipment.

The raw material, such as plastic pellets or filaments, are melted in these machines’ nozzles, which subsequently extrude the molten material out of a tiny hole. To ensure effective melting and flow of the material, the nozzle heater is made to offer controlled and consistent heating.

Here are some of the main characteristics and uses of nozzle heaters:

  • Heating Element: Ceramic or mica insulation is usually wrapped around or integrated in a heating element, such as a resistance wire, in nozzle heaters. When an electric current flows through the heating element, heat is produced.
  • Temperature Control: Nozzle heaters have temperature control systems to manage the nozzle’s temperature. In order to process the material effectively, it is ensured that the material achieves and maintains the desired temperature. Simple thermostats and more sophisticated systems with digital displays and PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) control are both examples of temperature controllers.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Nozzle heaters are made to distribute heat evenly along the length of the nozzle. This ensures uniform melting and extrusion of the material and helps prevent hot spots.
  • Nozzle heaters are made to heat up quickly, allowing for quicker startup times and fewer production delays. They can also cool down quickly. They can also swiftly cool down as necessary, making maintenance and nozzle replacements easier.
  • Protection and Durability: Nozzle heaters are often built to endure the punishing conditions found in industrial settings. To protect them from physical harm, dampness, or chemical exposure, they may have coatings or housings.
  • Nozzle heaters are available in a variety of sizes and combinations to accommodate various nozzle designs and applications. Depending on the particular needs of the machine, they may be cylindric or band-shaped.

Injection moulding machines and 3D printers rely on nozzle heaters to maintain precise temperature control and for effective material processing. They help these machines produce finished goods that are high-quality and consistent.

Product Specification


Voltage 220 V
Heater Material Nickel Chrome
Power(Watts) 100 to 1000
Brand DHE
Diameter 10 to 50 mm
Length 20 to 100 mm
Material Stainless Steel
Power Source Electric


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