Space Heaters

Space Heaters

We have established ourselves as the top supplier and producer of space heaters thanks to our hardworking employees. It is typically used for heating a single, condensed space. Electricity or combustible fuels like fuel oil, gas, propane, or wood pallets can be used to power this heater. Convection heaters, infrared heaters, and heat pumps are the three types that are offered. With the aid of a thermostat, the included Electric Space Heater automatically maintains appropriate temperature settings.

Portable heaters called “space heaters” are used to warm up confined spaces. They are frequently used in homes, workplaces, garages, and other enclosed environments to add extra warmth. When central heating is insufficient or it is preferred to heat only a few rooms, space heaters are very helpful because they can save energy and lower heating costs.

There are several types of space heaters, each with unique characteristics, benefits, and considerations:

Electric space heaters: These heaters produce heat through electrical resistance. They can also be divided into:

Radiant Space Heaters: Radiant space heaters produce infrared radiation that heats nearby items and people directly. They are perfect for spot heating because they produce heat instantly.
Heaters that use convection: Convection heaters warm the air in a space by heating the air in the vicinity, which then circulates to spread heat. They typically offer more even heating and are better suited for heating full rooms.

Electricity is used by these heaters’ oil-filled fins or columns to heat the liquid. Even after the appliance has been turned off, the oil retains heat and continues to emit warmth. In comparison to some other varieties, they are renowned for their quiet operation and their ability to provide heat that lasts longer.

Propane or gas space heaters: These heaters provide heat by burning propane or natural gas. Due to the combustion process, they frequently need adequate ventilation, which makes them more suitable for well-ventilated areas like garages or outdoor spaces.

To avoid mishaps or fire risks, safety procedures should be observed when using space heaters:

Maintain a safe distance between flammable items and the heater.
If a space heater isn’t made for that purpose, avoid using it in restrooms or other places where there is water.
Make sure the heater has safety precautions like overheating and tip-over protection.
When sleeping or leaving the room, especially, never leave the heater unattended.
To guarantee the heater is running properly, regularly inspect and repair it.
The size of the area to be heated, safety features, energy efficiency, and personal tastes should all be taken into account when selecting a space heater to meet your needs. When using any space heater, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and safety precautions.


  • No exposed heating elements
  • Safe-to-touch design
  • Quick and silent heating

Product Description

Space Heater

    • Weight: weight after production
    • Voltage: 230V,120V-240V
    • Type: Air Heater
    • Power Source: Electric
    • Condition: New
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