Straight Finned Heater

Straight Finned Heater

Offering Straight Finned Heaters is what we do. This is a top-notch industrial heating equipment that regulates numerous manufacturing applications procedures. It features a heating feature that can be adjusted to meet different temperature needs. High-quality components are used in the careful manufacturing of this heater, which are obtained from reputable suppliers. We have a reputable production facility behind us, enabling us to provide Straight Finned Heaters of the highest calibre. Our quality assurance team inspects each unit before delivery to ensure that the heaters are defect-free.

Straight finned heaters are a particular kind of heating element used in commercial and industrial settings where it is necessary to warm gases or air. These heaters are composed of a resistance heating wire that is inserted in a metal sheath and coated in straight fins. The resistance heating wire is typically constructed of nickel-chromium or other similar alloys. The heater’s surface area will grow thanks to the fins, which will improve heat transfer and boost heating effectiveness.

Straight finned heaters have the following important qualities and features:

Straight finned heaters are made of a heating element covered in fins and contained in a metal sheath. Depending on the needs of the particular application, the fins may be constructed from a variety of materials, including aluminium, copper, or stainless steel.

Straight finned heaters are extremely efficient because of their larger surface area. Faster and more effective heat transfer is made possible by the fins’ increased surface area for heat transfer. Lower energy costs and more production may result from this.

Durability: The straight finned heater’s metal sheath shields it from corrosion and other adverse environmental factors, ensuring enduring toughness and dependability.

Versatility: Straight finned heaters can be utilised for a variety of tasks, such as drying, curing, and space and process heating. To satisfy different needs, they come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and wattage ratings.

Straight finned heaters can be used in conjunction with temperature-controlling elements like thermocouples or built-in temperature sensors to maintain precise and reliable temperature settings.

Straight finned heaters can be modified to fit particular application needs by changing the fin density, length, diameter, and voltage.

It’s vital to remember that straight finned heaters need to be installed and maintained correctly to function safely and at their best. To prevent any potential risks, it is essential to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations and safety measures.

All things considered, straight finned heaters are adaptable and frequently utilised in industrial operations that call for the heating of gases or air. They are the best solution for many industrial heating applications because of their improved efficiency, robustness, and customizable choices.

Product Specification


Voltage As per customized
Heater Material As per customized
Size As per customized
Power As per customized
Brand SME
Material S.S
Tube Diameter 8 MM, 10 MM
Minimum Order Quantity 6 Piece

Specifications :-

    • Material : Stainless steel.
    • Power : 150 – 2,500W.
    • Operation Voltage : 24-380 V.
    • Available : In .312″,375″,430″,475″and.625″ element diameter.
    • Continuous spiral fins of steel with rust & corrosion protection to 850° F /455° C.


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